Blue Note Woodworks
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                             Jim Sitter -  Pacific Northwest Sales




A musician from birth, music teacher, singer/songwriter, guitarist and drummer, Jim Sitter continues a legacy of several generations of musicians from the Azores Islands. His parents say that he could keep perfect time to the record player before he could walk.  As a gigging musician, Jim now resides in S. Oregon via New York. To his credits, Jim has written several Gospel Worship songs that have received national radio airplay, and have been translated into at least three different languages and sung on every continent.

His drumming credits include Darrell Mansfield, Gypsy Soul, Martin Gerschwitz, Nick Garrett- Powell and Chuck Girard, to name a few.

As a Sales Rep. for Blue Note Woodworks, Jim will be there with his professional care & passion for music, to help customers find the best possible sound for that new instrument they’re after.